Thursday, November 1, 2012

01: From the Mission Home to Hawaii, Spring 1929

I entered the Missionary Home which was on State Street north of the Beehive House in April 1929 and after nearly a week's strenuous training left by Western Pacific train for San Francisco.

Elders William H. Pedler and John F. Betts
Golden Gate Park
April 1929
(photo: CSB)

With me were John F. Betts, fraternity brother of mine and two other elders bound for Australia. Betts was made mission secretary there soon after his arrival. We enjoyed a one-day stop at Honolulu during which we made an auto trip into the island interior and had lunch at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. We took a swim from Moana Hotel on Waikiki. The highest building then was the tower at dockside. There were no high rise hotels. I was impressed at how many Oriental people lived in Honolulu.

Port of Oahu, Hawaii
from Tantalus
May 1, 1929
(photo: CSB)

  • Which fraternity?  I'd assume one at the University of Utah.
  • Would like to include a picture of the Mission Home.

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  1. Love both pictures. I think this is a wonderful project.