Friday, November 30, 2012

17: Island of Rhodes, Roman Ruins, and Turkey, March 1932

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March 7 landed at Beirut,  Lebanon (A). Mountainous in interior, some were snow capped.

 March 1932
Island of Rhodes

Island of Rhodes
Fileremo, formerly the Acropolis of Ialysus
March 1932

Stopped at Island of Rhodes (B) March 9. Rocky, Saw some Roman ruins. Beautiful scenery. Sail into the Dardanelles straits (C) and see some of the old stone forts still there, through the Sea of Marmora (D), which is so big you see no land and though the Bosporus to Istanbul. Saw Mosque of Sancta Sophia, erected originally by the Emperor Constantine, reconstructed by Theodosius and finally by Justinian in about 538 A.D. It has a gigantic dome with flying buttresses and a number of auxiliary domes, semi-domes and interior round arches. It is an impressive sight inside. I set my camera for time exposure and had the picture when a Mohammedan priest told me no pictures were allowed inside [see interior below]. I was so flustered that I later took a second exposure over the same film.

Mosque of St. Sophia
March 1932

The modern Turks wear clothing similar to ours, use the same alphabet and letters we use and the women no longer wear veils as we had seen in Egypt and Palestine.

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