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22: More Italy and Switzerland, April 1932

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Stopped at Pisa (A) and saw the huge leaning tower and beautiful cathedral April 15th.

Stopped at Genoa (B) and its elaborate Campo Santo cemetery April 16th. Nearly every grave had an elaborate sculpture on it. One a runner clearing the tape at finish.

Last Supper, Wikipedia
Saw Milano (C) and its wonderful cathedral with 140 pinnacles each topped by a statue, April 20th. Also visited Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper in Santa Maria Delle Grazie church. The famous painting is getting the worse for age and deterioration.

I left April 21 for Lugano (D) in the Italian part of Switzerland. Went on to Lucern (E) in lake country and Interlaken. From here I hiked into a mountainous valley where the snow would slide down occasionally from side mountains in Niagara-like beauty. Fertile mountainside fields were tended by farmers who would scatter liquid effluent caught from their cow barns. It sure made the hay grow fast.

Jungfraujoch, Wikipedia
On April 26, I caught the train for a $9, ride up to the Jungfraujoch (saddle) 22,340 feet high. The hotel there is the highest hotel and up the highest railroad in Europe. The Jungfrau peak is 13, 670 feet high. The train takes long spirals into the core of the mountain, returning to outer edge at one point in each turn where air and light pours in from outside. Trip up took four hours. Plenty of ice and glaciers with many skiers.

On to Geneva (F) from where we could see Mt. Blanc. We saw the old League of Nations Palace and the monument to the Reformation with some good sculptures of prominent figures.
Mt. Blanc, Wikipedia

Reached Basle (G) April 30th and stopped at mission headquarters. This is near the head of the Rhine River which flows through the city. The Swiss are much more refined to my thinking, and more hospitable. The Italians always had their hands out.

Palace of the League of Nations
April 1932

St. Peter's Cathedral
On site of heathen temple, commenced in XIth Cent. in time of round-arched Romanesque and finished in XVIIIth Cent. when Gothic reached its height.
April 1932
[Is this correct?  It does not look like other images I find.]

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