Sunday, January 13, 2013

21: Pompeii, April 1932

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From Naples I visited crater of Mt. Vesuvius and nearby Pompeii. The first time I climbed the cindery cone approached by a hike from a nearby railroad station, the clouds were so heavy that I could not see down into the big crater. So I went again. The second time I could climb down into the floor of the crater which was of hardened lava. Near the center was a very small crater with yellow sulfur around it and steam pouring from it. About ten years later this volcano belched forth a destructive stream of lava and cinders.

The museum showing what was excavated from Pompeii was to me more interesting than the actual ruins. Bodies, implements, jewelry, and even small animals were taken out and now may be seen. I also went by small boat to the Isle of Capri which had vines in full bloom and gorgeous scenery. It was the summer resort of the Caesars. (The vines were Wistaria).

I had received a letter from home telling me that I should arrange to land in New York sufficiently late that Mother and Lucile [sister] could meet me after Lucile had completed her teaching school in early June.

Lawrence Schwarz, Mrs. M. F. Osterlin, Mrs. J. Roth, Dr. M. F. Osterlin.
Anne Arbor for latter; St. Louis, former.
April 1932

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