Thursday, February 7, 2013

25: Home Again, July 1932

Unmarked photo, "President Roosevelt"

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After crossing the Atlantic in the U.S. Lines “President Roosevelt”, I was met by my Mother and Lucile. We took delivery on a Ford Model B, two-door and had a wonderful time driving to Boston (A), Washington, D.C. (B), Chicago (C) and Independence, Missouri (D) on the way home. The Reorganized Church was building its huge auditorium which looked very crude and a thorough mess.

We drove through Rocky Mountain National Park and arrived in Salt Lake City, July 12, 1932 after going through muddy roads east of Vernal (E).

Lucile Barker, sister 

Cecilia Sharp Barker, mother

Annex to Pan American Buildings
Washington, D.C.
[Clarence, right]

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