Sunday, December 9, 2012

19: Florence, March 1932

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Arrived in Florence (A), Italian Firenze, afternoon of March 21st. Beautiful old palaces and art galleries and black and white marble cathedral, with Piazza del Duomo in front. Michelangelo’s statue of David prominent in another square.

Campanile and dome of the Duomo (Cathedral)
Campanile is from design by Giotto and was begun in 1334.  276 ft. high.
March 1932 

Source:  Hilton

Church of Santa Croce
(from 13th to mid 15th Centuries)
Contains tombs of Michelangolo [sic], Galileo, Rossini, et al. 

Source:  Virtual Tourist

Portion of wing of Pitti Palace.  Boboli Gardens, and tower of Palazzo Vecchio.
March 1932 

In Boboli Gardens
Pitti Palazzo
March 1932

Boboli Gardens
Source: My Destination

In courtyard of Palazzo Ricardi, one of old homes of Medici family, now partly public offices, 
partly museum.
March 1932

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